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Your Gateway to Transparent, Secure, and Responsible Ammunition Ownership.

Revolutionizing the Ammunition Trade

AmmoCrypt pioneers innovative blockchain solutions to address misuse and supply-demand imbalances to better shape safety and accessibility.

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AmmoCrypt works with leading manufacturers to supply verified ammunition minting to our community.

YEET Token

AmmoCrypt’s native utility token. Used to interact with Ecosystem smart contracts and for any transactions that increase or decrease physical reserve balances:

  • Create Kaliber Tokens
  • Redeem Kaliber Tokens for physical ammunition
  • Deploy new types of Kaliber Tokens within the ecosystem
  • Pay fees for becoming or remaining a member of the KaliberCrewTM
  • Mint End-User Verification Tokens
Projected Initial Distribution

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Kaliber Tokens

AmmoCrypt tokenizes ammunition, empowering liquid trade and investment in the market.

Kaliber Tokens are minted when members of the KaliberCrew deposit physical ammunition into AmmoCrypt’s reserves. The KaliberCrew makes their Kaliber Tokens available to the general public through secondary sales on participating exchanges or on the AmmoCrypt Marketplace DAPP.

Each Kaliber Token represents one round of ammunition of the corresponding caliber, therefore reflecting the actual supply of underlying ammunition within AmmoCrypt’s reserves. Authorized users can detokenize and redeem their Kaliber Tokens for physical delivery within the AmmoCrypt Marketplace DAPP.

AmmoCrypt is launching with five distinct Kaliber Tokens that represent the five most widely used ammunition calibers, with additional ammunition calibers planned for phased introduction during the ICO. Additional ammunition calibers can also be proposed by the community.


For easy asset trading


For global reach of buyers


For KYC and anonymized tracking


For a fair, responsive market


Q1: Mainnet Deployment and Community Building
  • Completion of smart contract audits.
  • Mainnet deployment of smart contract infrastructure.
  • Launch a pre-registration campaign.
  • Launch a referral program.
  • Develop partnerships with industry-related organizations.
Q2: Preparation for Public Launch
  • Complete the development of the user interface and experience.
  • Launch a closed beta for select users to gather feedback.
  • Host virtual events and webinars to engage with the community.
  • Create educational content on ammunition tokenization.
Q3: Public Launch Events
  • Develop a comprehensive onboarding process for users.
  • Officially launch AmmoCrypt to the US general public.
Q4: Project Advocacy / Public Relations
  • Support the continued and growth and adoption of AmmoCrypt as a safe and responsible means of ammunition ownership with education, awareness and outreach.
  • Continue to develop beneficial partnerships to deepen our utility and community
  • Analyze and improve the technical Ecosystem infrastructure and technology.

In 2023, AmmoCrypt’s founders identified the need for a tokenized ammunition ecosystem and engaged various stakeholders to identify key issues, features, and benefits for a conceptual solution to meet its mission of secure, transparent, and accessible ammunition ownership.

An initial, simplified, token model was developed as a proof of concept and closed beta testing was performed.  Feedback from the initial model was analyzed and additional new features were assessed for feasibility, including AmmoCrypt’s current distributed tokenization model, including native multi-token support and future detokenization process across ecosystem smart contracts on the Polygon blockchain.

Wide Adoption & Expansion
  • Continue to expand the physical reserves across multiple regions, further enhancing the speed and distribution capability for our Ecosystem.
  • Enhanced stakeholder data integration for better visibility and liquidity
  • Continually address regulatory and legal changes as well as respond to geopolitical events.
  • Integrate commercial and consumer level financial (DeFi) applications.
  • Develop and establish AmmoCrypt as a payment mechanism.
  • Become the most secure, reliable, and efficient way to acquire ammunition worldwide.

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