June 4, 2024 — AmmoCrypt, the innovative blockchain platform for tokenizing the global ammunition trade, is thrilled to announce its partnership with Sentinel Precision, Inc., (“Sentinel”), a leading U.S. manufacturer and distributor of small arms ammunition. This strategic collaboration marks a significant milestone in AmmoCrypt’s mission to transform the ammunition supply chain through digital tokenization.

Richmond H. Dugger, IV, Founder and CEO of AmmoCrypt, expressed his excitement about this partnership. He stated, “Partnering with Sentinel enhances our marketplace’s robustness and diversity, offering our users access to some of the best, highest quality, American-made ammunition. This collaboration is a step forward in our platform’s growth and a testament to the industry’s acceptance and confidence in our innovative approach.”

Sentinel will make its “FalconWorx” brand of consumer sporting ammunition exclusively available through the AmmoCrypt tokenization platform. This will allow investors and stakeholders to transact and trade ammunition-backed tokens confidently.

The partnership is expected to enhance liquidity and market accessibility, attracting more investors, stakeholders, and users to the AmmoCrypt platform.


About AmmoCrypt:

AmmoCrypt is leading the digital transformation of the global ammunition industry by tokenizing physical ammunition assets to facilitate secure, efficient, and transparent transactions. Through its innovative blockchain platform, AmmoCrypt provides a trustworthy environment for trading and investing in ammunition, bringing unprecedented accessibility to the market.


About Sentinel:

Sentinel is a US-based manufacturer and distributor of high-quality small arms ammunition.  Founded in 2014, Sentinel serves the US consumer market with its “FalconWorx” brand of sporting ammunition and supports US and foreign military sales with its “FalconEye” brand of match-grade precision rifle ammunition.



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