AmmoCrypt YEET Pre-Sale Whitelist Application

AmmoCrypt’s YEET Pre-Sale Whitelist is now open and will close on April 15, 2024 at 00:00 US Eastern Time.  To get access to the YEET Pre-Sale, please do the following:

  1. Please refer to our Terms of Service to ensure that you are not in a Prohibited Jurisdiction.  (Additionally, the Pre-Sale is not available to US citizens or residents).
  2. Complete all of the tasks identified in the “Qualification Requirements” section below.
  3. Submit your YEET Whitelist Pre-Sale Application by submitting the form below.
  4. Selected Whitelist participants will be announced on our Telegram channel and will be contacted by email with further instructions.
  5. Selected participants will need to undergo KYC online within our web3 application at using their whitelisted wallet.  There is no charge for this process.    No KYC is required for simply filling out this application.

Qualification Requirements

In order to  qualify for inclusion in the Pre-Sale Whitelist, you must complete the following tasks.

  1. Follow us on X (Formerly Twitter):
  2. Join our Telegram Community:
  3. Retweet our pinned Pre-Sale announcement, quoting the hashtag “#AmmoCrypt $YEET”, explain why  you are excited to participate and tag at least two other friends in your retweet.

All entries will be checked prior to entry into the selection drawing.  We will randomly select Pre-Sale participants from all qualified Whitelist entries and will announce the selected participants soon after the closing of the application period. 

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Pre-Sale is not open to citizens of the USA or any Prohibited Jurisdiction
Pre-Sale is not open to lawful residents of the USA or any Prohibited Jurisdiction
Please do not use smart contract or centralized exchange (CEX) address.

Pre-Sale Application

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Agree to Terms and Conditions
By checking the box above, I affirm that I have read and will comply with the Terms and Conditions posted on I understand that this application does not constitute an offer to sell any security, financial instrument, or property whatsoever. The purpose of this application is to pre-screen potential applicants for invitation to participate in pre-public sales of AmmoCrypt Tokens. Submitting this application does not guarantee that the applicant will be invited to participate in any token offering. In the event that the applicant is initially approved to participate in a token offering, the applicant will be provided with a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) prior to the transfer of any non-public token offering document.

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