June 10, 2024 — AmmoCrypt, the innovative blockchain platform for tokenizing the global ammunition trade, is thrilled to announce its partnership with CLT Outdoor Products, Inc., (“CLT”), a leading U.S. e-commerce retailer of small arms ammunition. This strategic collaboration marks a significant milestone in AmmoCrypt’s mission to transform the ammunition supply chain through digital tokenization.

Richmond H. Dugger, IV, Founder and CEO of AmmoCrypt, expressed his excitement about this partnership, stating, “Partnering with CLT provides AmmoCrypt with an experienced and trusted partner for our ammunition fulfillment needs.  This partnership enhances our marketplace’s capability to deliver products quickly and accurately to our end-users.”

Under the terms of the partnership, CLT will transition its internal inventory and distribution systems to process and fulfill AmmoCrypt physical delivery requests and to receive, store, and account for AmmoCrypt reserve inventory.  During this process, CLT will become the first web3 native e-commerce site to purchase small arms ammunition by natively transitioning its systems to process payments through various digital assets.  CLT is expected to perform its first US consumer-level physical deliveries of AmmoCrypt ammunition by November 2024.  


About AmmoCrypt:

AmmoCrypt is leading the digital transformation of the global ammunition industry by tokenizing physical ammunition assets to facilitate secure, efficient, and transparent transactions. Through its innovative blockchain platform, AmmoCrypt provides a trustworthy environment for trading and investing in ammunition, bringing unprecedented accessibility to the market.


About CLT Outdoor Products:

CLT is a North Carolina-based e-commerce retailer dedicated to the small arms ammunition industry through its CLT Ammo website.  Founded in 2017, CLT serves the US consumer market and has won numerous awards and accolades for high-quality customer service and fast and accurate delivery.  CLT currently serves over 100,000 retail customers throughout the USA.


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