We are thrilled to announce Ammocrypt’s debut campaign on Galxe, starting February 28th, 2024! This is your exclusive opportunity to be among the first to experience the world’s first Tokenization of assets on Ammunition Marketplace.

As a token of appreciation, we are offering exclusive Galxe OATs to those willing to explore crypto that will explode with ammunition tokenization bringing real-world assets on blockchain. These OATs hold the key to future airdrops and exclusive benefits of tokenization within Ammocrypt ecosystem.

Here’s how to claim your exclusive OATs and earn up to 210 Galxe points:

  • Follow Ammocrypt’s Galxe space.
  • Follow Ammocrypt on Twitter & stay updated on the latest news and developments from Ammocrypt.
  • Join Ammocrypt’s Discord & Telegram communities; connect and engage with the Ammocrypt community, ask questions, and share your thoughts.
  • Visit the Ammocrypt website and Register for the Yeet token presale.
  • Introduce your friends to new crypto tokens with Ammocrypt via the Galxe campaign.

Start your journey towards next big crypto movement here:


By completing these tasks, you can claim up to 3 OATs and earn valuable Galxe points. Additionally, OAT holders will be granted the exclusive “Ammocrypt OG” role on the Discord server, potentially unlocking special benefits in the future and we all might define what is tokenization in Ammutation together.

Join the Galxe campaign today, become part of the Ammocrypt community, and experience the tokenized revolution of ammunition trading.