AmmoCrypt, the innovative project at the forefront of blockchain integration within the Ammunition industry, is thrilled to announce the launch of the $YEET crypto token presale whitelist. This event marks a significant step forward in our commitment to revolutionizing the ammunition sector and empowering enthusiasts within both the crypto and ammunition communities.

Key Information:

  • Whitelist Opening: March 29, 2024
  • Presale Start: [Date to be Announced]
  • Token price for Whitelisted Presale Participants: $0.02
  • Token price for Public sale participants: $0.025

Why Participate in the Presale Whitelist?

Early Access to $YEET Tokens: Secure your $YEET tokens before the public sale begins, ensuring you’re among the first to delve into this innovative digital asset.

Exclusive Benefits: As a whitelisted participant, you’ll enjoy a 20% discount on $YEET token purchases during the presale. Additionally, all participants will receive exclusive Genesis NFTs with utility within the AmmoCrypt ecosystem.

  • Genesis Tier 4 NFT: Buy $YEET >= $100
  • Genesis Tier 3 NFT: Buy $YEET >= $500
  • Genesis Tier 2 NFT: Buy $YEET >= $1000
  • Genesis Tier 1 NFT: Buy $YEET >= $2500

Supporting Innovation: By joining the presale, you’re not just acquiring tokens; you’re backing groundbreaking solutions outlined in our comprehensive whitepaper, driving forward innovation in the Ammunition industry.

How to Join the Whitelist:

Register Now: Complete the whitelist form available at to secure your place.

Engage with Us: Stay updated by following us on X (Formerly Twitter): and joining our Telegram Community:

Spread the Word: Help us spread the word! Retweet our pinned Pre-Sale announcement using the hashtag “#AmmoCrypt $YEET”. Share your excitement and tag at least two friends to join the presale journey.

AmmoCrypt remains committed to transparency and inclusivity throughout the presale process. Dive into our whitepaper to explore the detailed vision and innovative solutions driving our mission forward.

Stay tuned for further updates as we approach the whitelist opening date. For the latest news and announcements, connect with us on our social media channels.

About AmmoCrypt:

AmmoCrypt is dedicated to pioneering a new era in the firearms industry through blockchain integration. Our mission is to enhance safety, accessibility, and transparency within the ammunition sector, empowering enthusiasts and businesses alike.