AmmoCrypt is revolutionizing the global ammunition supply landscape, enabling external parties access to a marketplace that has, until now, been inaccessible to those without enormous resources and deep industry knowledge. With emphasis on blockchain technology and tokenization, AmmoCrypt has developed an entirely new and unique methodology to support the supply of ammunition through a more transparent, safe, and user-friendly approach.

Possessing years of experience and a deep understanding of the challenges plaguing the ammunition industry, AmmoCrypt’s founders are industry veterans who recognize the necessity for a transformational shift within the market. Ultimately, the goal of AmmoCrypt is to create a digital marketplace where manufacturers can directly monetize their production and end-users can be assured of product availability at a time of their choosing. This marketplace efficiency is built on top of a comprehensive compliance engine ensuring that both financial and arms control regulations are followed from end-to-end in each transaction.

What is AmmoCrypt?

AmmoCrypt is an ecosystem of interconnected smart contracts that operates with two types of cryptocurrency tokens; the “YEET” token, which is AmmoCrypt’s main token and used for all ecosystem smart contract activity, and the ammunition-specific “Kaliber” tokens. Within the ecosystem, YEET tokens are used to create Kaliber tokens when ammunition is deposited into AmmoCrypt’s reserves. YEET are also used to “burn” Kaliber tokens when ammunition is removed from AmmoCrypt’s reserves.

Say you were an ammunition supplier and wanted to sell your products through AmmoCrypt. You would transfer your actual physical ammunition to AmmoCrypt’s reserves, and deposit YEET tokens into an AmmoCrypt smart contract. You would then be issued Kaliber tokens which you can sell or trade like any other cryptocurrency.

Likewise, when an end-user wants to take actual ammunition out of AmmoCrypt, they would have to first acquire YEET and Kaliber tokens. These tokens would then be deposited into an AmmoCrypt smart contract. Required licensing and identity checks are performed based upon the end-user’s location and applicable laws. Upon passing all required licensing requirements, the transaction is approved and shipped by AmmoCrypt.

Neither the YEET nor the Kaliber token are asset backed outside of the AmmoCrypt smart contract ecosystem. This prevents token holders, exchanges, etc. from being subject to potential. licensing or arms transfer regulations. In simple terms, buying or selling AmmoCrypt tokens does not make the user an “arms dealer”, nor does it turn a crypto exchange into an “ammunition store”.

Benefits of AmmoCrypt

There are several significant benefits to the AmmoCrypt approach to tokenized ammunition. First, AmmoCrypt promotes a direct to end-user model of sales, where the manufacturer is able to more directly monetize their production, bypassing the more traditional “middlemen” in a typical distribution network and thus enhancing manufacturer margins and cash flow. 

Second, end-users are empowered with market visibility and transparency. The end-user can be assured that if the possess the appropriate tokens, they can redeem those tokens with AmmoCrypt for physical ammunition. They do not need to worry about wasting time hunting around for out-of-stock items, or for potentially falling victim to scams or unscrupulous retailers during times of high ammunition demand.

Finally, while there are significant practical limitations to buying and selling physical ammunition, AmmoCrypt tokens can be traded worldwide, 24/7/365 on participating exchanges and can be held in any quantity.

AmmoCrypt is good for manufacturers, good for end-users, and bad for brokers and middlemen who traditionally reap large profits from ammunition sales.

Entry to a Previously Inaccessible Market

By leveraging the ammunition supply chain and creating a model allowing for the distributed tokenization and direct detokenization of ammunition, AmmoCrypt is providing the opportunity to gain exposure to a new market. Investors outside of the United States need not worry about the legality of the specified ammunition within their country as they can trade and transact the token without ever touching or transacting with the ammunition itself.


AmmoCrypt is revolutionizing the way in which ammunition had traditionally been supplied and consumed through a unique tokenization approach. In so doing, AmmoCrypt has created an opportunity for traders and investors to gain access to a unique and previously inaccessible marketplace without having to purchase any ammunition themselves directly. 

AmmoCrypt has created a more safe and transparent ammunition marketplace while simultaneously providing accessibility to an otherwise exclusive and difficult market.