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The emergence of blockchain technology opened an array of possibilities for immense expansion. The permanent, distributed, and immutable ledger is introducing new concepts, and tokenization is one such. 

Tokenization is the process of transforming real-world assets (RWAs) into tradeable, digital tokens on a blockchain-based network. Real-world assets tokenization is gaining unprecedented traction and has become one of the biggest trends of 2024

Tokenized Real-world Assets—What Are They? 

Tokenized real-world assets are digital representations of traditional and physical financial assets such as commodities, artwork, bonds, etc. The transformation of these physical items leaves a mark on how assets are exchanged, transferred, managed, and accessed, therefore creating new opportunities for financial and non-financial services. 

Real-world assets tokenization entails representation of ownership or right over a specific item. It creates a digital copy of the product, enabling on-chain management and bridging the gap between physical and digital assets. These tokenized assets leverage blockchain-based features to become safer, more accountable, and more efficient. 

Benefits of Tokenized Real-world Assets or RWAs in crypto

Tokenized real-world assets, in addition to increasing blockchain use cases, are remarkably advantageous to the billion-dollar industry and beyond. The benefits include: 


Tokenized RWAs widen the potential use case of certain assets by enabling unlimited and easy access via blockchain. It allows a broader set of users who ordinarily wouldn’t get their hands on these assets to conveniently own, exchange, and manage them. 

The existence of RWAs breaks existing centralized barriers, unlocking the gateway for global accessibility. 

Transparency on Blickchain

The hallmark of blockchain technology is transparency. RWA in crypto will become auditable, dispelling systematic risks, and ushering in a newfangled structure based on transparency. Blockchain’s immutability will eliminate fraud on all levels, protecting and restoring investors’ trust in these assets.

Liquidity of RWAs in Crypto

By enabling accessibility on a global level, RWAs will guarantee increased liquidity for traditionally liquid assets. In stark contrast to traditional markets synonymous with restrictions and entry barriers, RWAs will pioneer a new system where liquidity is readily available. 

Since the launch of RWAs in crypto, we’ve seen great projects like Tangible, MakerDAO, and Ondo Finance. However, new projects like AmmoCrypt are out to revolutionize the ammunition market one step at a time. 

The Tangible Project 

Tangible is an RWA platform designed expressly to demystify the real estate investment industry. Similar to traditional investment trusts such as REITs, Tangible enables RealUSD—its stablecoin—owners to earn yields from rentals on properties. The project also offers NFTs, and TNFTs as digital representations of real-world assets. According to the team, TNFTs can be traded for Gold bars, wristwatches, real estate, wine, etc. 

The AmmoCrypt Project 

AmmoCrypt is a recent entrant into the realm of tokenized Real-World Assets (RWAs in Crypto). Its creators state that the platform aims to tokenize the global ammunition trade market valued at $66 billion, with a focus on improving market liquidity and compliance while mitigating the risks associated with illicit trade. The system operates on a dual-token structure, featuring “Kaliber” tokens backed by physical reserves representing ammunition rounds. The primary utility token within the AmmoCrypt ecosystem is “YEET,” essential for various operational functions such as the creation of Kaliber tokens and their redemption for physical small arms ammunition delivery. Currently, access to YEET is limited to accredited investors through a public pre-sale, but an upcoming public sale is scheduled for late spring. Register for the whitelist on

What the RWAs of Crypto Future Holds 

Real-world asset tokenization can disrupt a plethora of industries, delivering glorious opportunities for shaping the future of ammunition, real estate, finance, and the global economy. It is currently reshaping the way institutions manage, exchange, and fund assets. Additionally, by leveraging blockchain technology, RWAs will pioneer a new system based on increased transparency, accountability, efficiency, and most importantly, unprecedented growth on a global scale.