We are thrilled to announce the launch of our highly anticipated Ammocrypt Genesis NFT drop, offering exclusive rewards and a chance to be part of a groundbreaking movement in the $68.3 billion ammunition industry. With an overwhelming response of over 10,000 registrations for the $YEET Presale whitelist within just 15 days of launching our pre-registration, the momentum is palpable.


Introducing Ammocrypt Genesis NFTs

As part of the $YEET pre-sale, participants will have the opportunity to acquire one of five distinct Ammocrypt Genesis NFTs, each offering a unique level of rewards:

  • Common ACP
  • Rare UMP
  • Epic SAW
  • Legendary BMG
  • Mythical KPV


These NFTs not only enhance your portfolio but also grant additional $YEET token rewards, with rarity escalating from Common to Mythical, unlocking greater benefits.



$YEET Presale Purchase Amount

(Payable in USDC or USDT)

NFT Reward

$YEET Reward

1 $100 to $499.99 Common ACP 500 $YEET
2 $500 to $999.99 Rare UMP 3,000 $YEET
3 $1000 to $2499.99 Epic SAW 7,500 $YEET
4 $2500 to $4999.99 Legendary BMG 25,000 $YEET
5 $5000 and above Mythical KPV 75,000 $YEET


How Does It Work?

The Ammocrypt Genesis NFTs are minted on the Polygon network. Upon participating in the $YEET pre-sale, the corresponding NFT will be airdropped directly into your Polygon wallet in 10 days after the end of Presale. Beyond the pre-sale, these NFTs can be purchased on leading NFT marketplaces like Element or OpenSea, providing flexibility and accessibility. These NFTs can be used to claim $YEET Tokens as per the table above in future.

Please note that participants can buy $YEET Tokens multiple times during $YEET Presale & NFT You will receive will be based on your total purchases made from your whitelisted wallet during the pre-sale.


Utility and Benefits of Ammocrypt Genesis NFTs

Owning an Ammocrypt Genesis NFT not only signifies your early support but also comes with a variety of benefits:

  • Exclusive $YEET Airdrop: NFT holders will receive an exclusive airdrop at the public launch.
  • Discounted Trading Fees: Enjoy reduced trading fees on the Ammocrypt Marketplace.
  • Access to Exclusive Roles and Features: Gain an exclusive OG Role on Discord and early access to new features, updates, and news, keeping you ahead of the curve.


These rewards and utilities are designed to provide significant value and enhance the user experience for our early supporters, fostering a strong sense of community and loyalty.

Don’t miss out on this groundbreaking opportunity! Register now to be whitelisted for the $YEET pre-sale and secure your chance to win an Ammocrypt Genesis NFT: Register here.


Join the Ammocrypt community today and be a part of the future of the ammunition industry!

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